Learning & Development​

Learning & Development

Learning and growth is a way of life at EMIL. We encourage our peers to learn new skills, acquire new competencies and discover new ways of doing business. It is part of the Aditya Birla Group’s DNA and the reason we have our own centre for learning where a host of innovative educational initiatives take place every year.

Gyana (knowledge) and Udaya (dawn): Two substantive ideas that spell a formidable combination — Gyanodaya, the Aditya Birla Institute of Management Learning. Over the years, Gyanodaya has evolved into a critical meeting point for business leaders across the Group’s diverse businesses and academia. This is the place, which has helped incubate several innovative ideas and practices for enhancing our business competitiveness.

Gyanodaya conducts more than 80 programmes a year, and, as many as 7,000 managers have successfully completed at least one Gyanodaya programme since 2002.

To provide quality programmes, we collaborate with some of the best learning institutions and experts across the world. Many luminaries, including Professor Das Narayandas of the Harvard Business School, Professor Venkat Ramaswamy of the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and Mrs. Barbara Darling from the Hay Group have recently shared their perspectives with our managers

Continuing education
It’s not enough to learn a new skill. You’ve got to master it. Learning is a continuous process and it calls for time, commitment and patience. When it comes to having our employees acquire new skills, we leave no stone unturned. We have partnered with Singapore’s Universitas 21 to offer an online MBA programme to help our employees acquire the latest management techniques and broaden their vision with a global perspective that is in line with our global ambitions.

Learn at your own pace — you have as many as 250 courses on subjects ranging from basic communication skills to specific technical programmes all at your fingertips!

Over 9,500 e-learners hone their skills virtually every day from over 200 locations across the globe. They have fetched us a phenomenal 93 per cent course completion score, the highest in the world so far, a statistic much higher than the 68 per cent reached by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), which is one of the world’s most respected training bodies.