Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement:

“Gain knowledge to how fast External Factors will change and when disruption will occur as we approach to two degree sustainable world.”

Stakeholder engagement for EMIL is essential to achieve our sustainability vision. In stakeholder engagement we engage and discuss local issues with immediate stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement is day-to-day activity not only for managing our business but also an essential activity while developing new projects.

Key stakeholders for the business are:

The traditional view of stakeholder engagement is very much valid today. At EMIL, however, it will not be enough to enable our businesses to navigate the increasingly volatile and uncertain markets and areas that we operate in as we plan and take business decisions for the long term.

It will be important to engage more deeply, and with experts with different perspectives, in order to understand what will shape these markets and how our businesses could ride the waves of change successfully to remain sustainable - economically and otherwise.

Meeting people and groups who have this specialist knowledge requires a new process called Strategic Stakeholder Engagement, as the information they hold is usually not fully available from our traditional stakeholder groups.