Future Proofing

Future Proofing

"Modify our strategic business plan to include additional mitigation and adaption to changes in the External Factors”.

Future Proofing our business means making them resilient to the changes that are happening around us. In the future, many of these changes in external factors have the ability to apply severe pressure on our ability to be sustainable.

Using the knowledge gained through our Stakeholder Engagement and Responsible Stewardship with experts around the world, we decide on how we can mitigate global problems by improving our performance.

By augmenting our traditional analysis with the results of our Future Proofing exercises, we are able to take better investment decisions and can prepare to cover more alternatives.

We strongly believe that any business that cannot afford to transform and adapt to these changes in external factors will be unsustainable. Those businesses that survive will have less competition and a greater opportunity to thrive in a sustainable world.