Pro Minerals Private Limited


Beneficiation Plant:

The beneficiation process for a feed of 0-300 mm is designed based on the technology of Allmineral GmbH, Germany, which re-uses and recycles the process water to achieve a state of Zero Effluent Discharge. The plant is designed to utilize the low grade fines available in the nearby vicinity of grade 58-60 fe. The beneficiated ore is utilised as feed for DRI , Sinter and Pellet plant. Provision is also made to feed directly 0-20 mm raw material as plant feed.

Effluent from the iron ore beneficiation plant is treated in thickener and clarified water from the thickener overflow is recycled.

Thickener underflow slurry is further sent to a filter press for solid-liquid separation. No slime pond is required but a small pond is provided in case of emergency.

The solid waste released from the filter press is in the form of cakes which can be high stacked.

Pellet plant:

The pellet plant uses Circular Pelletising Technology (CPT) from Primetal Technologies Austria GmbH (Formerly known as Siemens VAI). The design and process of circular travelling grate is based on proven technology utilised in straight line grates and circular sinter cooler. Pallet cars move through the different process zones of the hood on the circular rails.

Pallet cars travel along the ring through the furnace which is moved by a drive mechanism located at the feed area. At the end of the process, pallet cars are tilted to discharge the cooled pallet products. The pallet cars can be easily removed and substituted in the circuit for maintenance. Minimum shutdown time for pallet grate change.

Waste generated is practically zero as all input materials pass through input loops. This is a direct attribute of the high environmental standards applied.