Essel Mining & Industries Limited (EMIL) believes in its philosophy of delivering value to all stakeholders. Our efforts in adoption of modern technology in computerized mine planning and scheduling of operations, utilization of modern equipment for the production process and dispatch system has given an edge over our competitors in the industry. At EMIL, there is also continuous value addition in our processes through innovation, re-engineering, modification and infrastructure development which helps us to keep the operations most efficient. Some examples of our scientific approach are given below:

  • EMIL has invested in meticulous exploration of its iron ore deposits. EMIL has its own exploration rig to undertake exploration of the mines. Further EMIL has deployed the state of the art XRF analyzer for accurate determination of ore quality. It has deployed contemporary software solutions such as SURPAC computerized Mine Planning Modules for making monthly and annual excavation plans. This scientific and organized approach contributes to efficient operations. Reserve estimation and quality assessment of the deposit is carried out with the help of the latest version of SURPAC.
  • In 2003, EMIL identified and invested in the best technology available for crushing and screening. We installed a number of hydro cone crushers in place of a battery of jaw crushers. Going a step forward, we introduced linear screens in place of the older circular screens which produced cubic-shaped products that are sought in the sponge iron industry. Similarly, the cone crushers also reduced fines generation, adding significant value to total recovery.
  • To produce saleable products from the sub-grade material, different static screening plants and mobile screening plants were installed during the year 2004. At EMIL we give thrust to mineral conservation by way of utilizing the mineable product.
  • In order to improve the quality of our products during the monsoon, we introduced a new technology called the Flip Flow Screening in the year 2009, which helped us to handle the ore with high moisture content.
  • We introduced direct feeding system by dump trucks (DFS) through vibro grizzly to the mobile screens thus giving away the conventional excavator feeding system. This system significantly improved the productivity of the screens thus making the operations more efficient.