Coal mining


EMIL has introduced the best mining practices to achieve high level of production efficiency sustainably.

The OB removal is being done using state of the art PC2000 (12.5 Cum) hydraulic excavator & 100T 777D dump trucks , 34 KL of Water Sprinkler, High capacity Grader, first to introduce such size of HEMM by MDO


Heavy Earth moving machinery (HEMM) – the backbone for success of Opencast mine. Excellent upkeep and maintenance of equipments at both projects. The workshop is equipped state of art maintenance facilities, skilled manpower & ETPs, STP and Impervious Pits.

Sustainable mining

EMIL as a responsible corporate citizen, takes care of environment in all its operation. It includes proper waste management, dump compaction & stabilization, dust suppression, construction and maintenance of ETPs, STP, Impervious Pits, recharge pits, garland drains, toe wall and all other steps as per the requirement. All environmental parameters are monitored independently for continuous improvement.

The overburden removed during mining of coal is back filled inside the pit in de-coaled area to avoid environmental damage. At BCML, the company has back filled 100 acre of land and restored the land to its pristine state. BCML has taken up unique sustainability initiative to bring back the excavated land to original land use in the mined out area for Rehabilitation and livelihood. The mine out area was reclaimed/ backfilled with the Over burden/waste generated during the coal mining operation. The final compacted layer of rock was blanketed with the top soil removed during the mining operation. The surface was brought to the original ground level. As a step to prove that backfilled land would be used for agricultural purpose, it was to grow paddy over the 100 acres backfilled area.

Experts’ Advice was taken from the Scientist from NRRI, Cuttack- Odisha for the best suited type of paddy which can be grown over the land area of 8 acres for this purpose. Limited amount of fertilizers and recycled mine / harvested water is used under the guidance of NRRI, Cuttack for the cultivation.

The Mission has been a success & crops grown over the land are Paddy (CR Dhan 206- GOPINATH) and pulses in the field for a duration of 110-120 days.

Sustainable mining at RCML

To evade environmental damages, the overburden removed during mining is backfilled at RCML. RCML took the initiative to restore the mined land with rehabilitation and livelihood. The mined-out area was reclaimed/ backfilled with the overburden/waste generated during the coal mining operation. Rice and pigeon peas were cultivated in the mined out area which convey that RCML has not only backfilled the mined land but also ensured that the same can be used for agriculture purposes.

Besides, the kitchen garden was developed post reclamation at mines, which now yields vegetables and fruits. The abandoned quarry near the south pit at the mines has been utilized for fish farming too. This is a consistent effort from the RCML unit for sustainable preservation.