About us

Our Journey

Amongst India’s largest Mining Companies driven by value creation for its stakeholders through sustainable business practices.

We are Essel Mining & Industries Limited (EMIL), one of India’s largest diversified global mineral resource companies.

As part of the US$43 billion worth Aditya Birla Group – India’s first truly global corporation with presence in 35 countries – EMIL was set up in 1950. We are currently one of India’s largest mining companies that has also made forays into coal, dolomite and diamond mining. Amongst the the world’s largest producers of Noble Ferro-Alloys, we also have fully operational renewable energy projects in Wind and Solar Power sectors in the country.

At EMIL, our endeavor to consistently be the best in creating value for all our stakeholders is predominantly evident in our strong distribution network and customer service. We are engaged in constant evaluation of organic and inorganic growth opportunities across the globe with investments in minerals that have strong long-term fundamentals so as to maximize value for stakeholders and, as a company, secure competitive advantage for the future.

‘Customers’ are at the core of our organization and we focus on offering complete solutions to enrich their EMIL experience. On-Time, in Full (OTIF) Delivery to our customers for service satisfaction is of utmost importance. Towards customer centricity, we have built a legacy to transform customer insights and experiences into live quantum jump projects and enablers to bring effective changes in our processes.

Aditya Birla Group

A global conglomerate and Fortune 500 company, Aditya Birla Group (ABG) is anchored by a global workforce of over 140,000 employees across 100 countries.

ABG is built on a strong foundation of stakeholder value creation and responsible business practice. The ABG legacy spans seven decades and has grown into a global powerhouse in a wide range of sectors – metals, pulp and fibre, chemicals, textiles, carbon black, telecom, cement, financial services, fashion retail, and renewable energy.

The revenues flow from overseas operations that span 36 countries in North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

ABG has been ranked Number 4 in the Global ‘Top Companies for Leaders’ survey — most comprehensive study of organisational leadership in the world conducted by Aon Hewitt, Fortune Magazine and RBL (a strategic HR and Leadership Advisory firm –and ranked Number 1 in Asia Pacific for 2011). It has also topped the Nielsen’s Corporate Image Monitor 2014-15 and emerged as the top corporate, “Best in Class,” for the third consecutive year.

Awards and Recognition

We constantly endeavor to be a value-adding global mining company, cherished by our customers and the communities whom we work to empower socially and economically.

Our efforts at EMIL are aimed at protecting the environment whilst promoting health, safety and development of communities and have received multiple awards for our outstanding CSR initiatives.

Link: https://www.esselmining.com/about-us/awards.html

Values & Business Model

To be a value adding Global Natural Resource Company cherished by our customers and the communities in which we work.

Link: https://www.esselmining.com/about-us/vision-mission.html

Vision – To be a value adding Global Natural Resource Company cherished by our customers and the communities in which we work

Mission – To consistently be the best in creating value for our Shareholders, Customers, Employees and Communities

Values – Integrity: Fair and honest actions and decision-making. Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and setting an industry benchmark. Integrity that encompasses all general forms, including intellectual and financial.

Commitment: Based on the foundation of integrity, deliver high value to all stakeholders. Being accountable for our actions and decisions, those of our team and those in the parts of the organization for which we are responsible. Passion: Driving the organizational goals with an energetic, intuitive zeal which is inspiring and derives the best results out of everyone who is a part of the culture. Seamlessness: Promoting collaboration beyond functional groups, hierarchies, businesses and national boundaries. Leveraging diverse skills and competencies to build a synergy that promotes organizational unity. Speed: in-time responses to internal and external stakeholders in matters of concern. Consistently striving to meet deadlines and choosing the best rhythm to optimize organizational efficiencies.

Growth and Diversification

Growth – Our growth is underlined with the purpose to develop rewarding relationships with the entire spectrum of stakeholders, from customers and network partners to investors, employees and the communities we are invested in



At EMIL, we firmly believe in partnering with our clients along the entire value chain to deliver on time, making logistics our key business driver.

 To ensure a robust logistics mix, we have invested in strategic infrastructure and assets like ports, railway sidings, rail link lines, railway wagons, road construction and maintenance.

-Multi-Modal Logistics – We have a robust multi-modal logistics mix in place to overcome the challenges posed by the complex system of material movement in the mining industry.

Our diverse portfolio includes assets investments at strategic locations aimed at meeting the discerning needs of our customers. Towards this end, precision in material handling inside and outside of the mines is closely guarded to ensure quality and quantity of material at each node of the value chain.

EMIL dispatches material using rail, road and its combination modes.

Link: https://www.esselmining.com/strengths/multi-modal-logistics.html

-Major Ports –We use a multi-modal logistics approach in the delivery of material. The nearest port is located at a distance of 300 km from our mines, enabling us to adopt an innovative and efficient logistics mix using a combination of rail and road for the movement of material to the port.

A list of our major ports include:

-Haldia Port – Directly connected to the Indian Railway system by broad gauge, Haldia Port has ample land for prospective port-based industries and port users. With its state-of-the-art radar surveillance through Automatic Identification System (AIS) and Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) for effective and safe guidance to vessels, its average draft availability is being improved from 8.5m.

-Paradip Port – Serving the eastern and central parts of the country, this port mainly deals with bulk cargo and has an ambitious expansion programme to double its present capacity in order to meet the ever-increasing demand. For more information, visit the port’s website: paradipport.gov.in

-Vizag Port — Described as the brightest jewel of all Indian major ports for its outstanding performance and productivity, The Vizag Port plays a crucial role in serving as a catalyst in spurring domestic and international trade. For more information, visit the port’s website: vizagport.com

-Gopalpur & Dhamra ports

Public-Private Partnership

Our Network Partners

Our commitment to serve our customers with a high value-add has seen us taking the lead in various industry fora like the FICCI, Railway Board, CII, EZMA, FIMI and CAPEXIL among others. This ongoing engagement has led to various public-private partnerships to de-bottleneck logistics. 

Key initiatives include



Our infrastructural facilities

At EMIL, we understand the importance of building robust infrastructure to facilitate easy movement of material. We have invested accordingly in key infrastructural projects in an attempt to serve our customers better.

We have our own railway sidings inside the mines from where we load materials for domestic customers as well as for exports. To ensure on-time, in full (OTIF) delivery, we also load material from nearby public sidings. For more information, visit the following Link: https://www.esselmining.com/strengths/infrastructure.html

Logistics and Channel Partners

EMIL has partnered with efficient and reputed channel partners to ensure on time, in full (OTIF) delivery of material to its customers. Our criteria for partnership is stringent with respect to quality service, experience, possession of statutory clearances, past credentials with incentives and penal provisions agreed upon.